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September 26, 2016
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Dear Storm Family,

The big news is that all practices will be at Central park for the remainder of the season. it's getting dark earlier everyday now and so at Central park we have more options. 

I have updated the calendar on the website, and will check that the upcoming events app gets updated as well. 

This weekend's meet is in Simi Valley at Corriganville, we have been contacted by the SCYTF conference to see if they could join us this weekend, so it will be a large meet. This park does not have the best parking arrangements, and you may have to park outside of the park and down the block. 
  • Stormware can be purchased online on our website. Today is the last day to order the warmup suits. 
    Click Here to See our online store.
  • We have a Cross Country Facebook Page
    Clink Here to see it and like us on Facebook
  • Animoto slide shows of the meets
    Visit our Cross Country page or on the front page of our website scroll down to then and click the video to view. I will also be uploading the pictures to albums on our Cross Country Facebook page. 
  • Pierce College Meet we need to have you sign a waiver that we must turn into them. Click here to download and return to Elaine. 
  • Ribbons will be passed out each week after practice Please be sure to pick up your child's ribbon.  
Practice Schedule
Monday Sept 26 - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 
Near the Basketball courts.

Tuesday Sept 20 - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 
Near the Basketball courts.

Thursday Sept 22 - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 
Near the Basketball courts.

Saturday Oct 1 - XC Meet at Corriganville Park - 8:00 am.
Our lap-a-thon was held at Central Park. We are still working on Tallying the number of laps the kids ran. 
The Lap-a-thon is a fundraising event used to support our program and our national athletes. 

The kids are encourages to seek donations either of 2 ways a per lap amount such as $3 or $4 dollars per lap or a flat donation of $5 or $10. All kids who raise at least $40.00 will receive a special Lap-a-thon prize. The kids will also be entered into a raffle on a 1 ticket per dollar raised and other prizes will be awarded at the end of season banquet. (more details on that as we get closer to the event).
Please click here to download the Lap-a-thon form and start raising funds.

I've added a Donation Button on the front page of the website and to this newsletter on the left side. If you have people who want to donate from out of state and they want to use a credit card, have them click the donate button. *(Forward a copy of this newsletter to them or have them visit the website). Please be sure to tell them to forward to you a copy of their receipt. so we can be sure to match it to your child. 
The deadline to turn in funds will be Oct 11.
Please visit our online store to order Stormware click the tab on our website. We also have decals, bows, and water bottles! Today is the last day to order the special warmup suits. 
Lost N Found
If you lost a water bottle, its in the Candy Box, if you forgot your chair, check with Elaine. 

If you have lost anything else, check with Elaine
Corriganville Movie Park Meet Saturday
This Saturday our meet will be at Corriganville Movie Park in Simi Valley, It is expected to be a very large meet, so please try to arrive early to get a good parking spot.  

The Southern California Youth Track & Field Conference's teams will be joining us. They have several hundred athletes, so it might make for a very large meet. But it will go just as fast as our meets. 

Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club