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October 17, 2016
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Hello Team,

Wow, what a showing we had at the invite yesterday!!  Our team and conference are really rising to the occasion.  Realize again the meet yesterday represents the competition for the post season as we strive to qualify for Junior Olympics.

Never, in my almost 10 years of coaching this team, has the competition been so tight.  For you to qualify as a top 8 national team member for our conference this year, you need to realize how special you are.  In the past several years with the talent of our team, we would have made up 4 of the top 8 in every division.  How does that happen?  The simple answer is this: talent and speed breeds talent and speed.  What do I mean by that?  We've had fast kids every year, but what has continued to happen is more of the mid-pack runners have seen the success of other teammates and realized they want to experience the same thing.  As everyone strives for more, naturally we have more and more athletes moving up the ranks.  As our team has done that, this year I've seen the rest of the teams in the conference doing the same.  Which ultimately is what we want, our conference to be the very best and most competitive.  I'm so proud of that!  But mostly, I'm proud of your hard work and your desire for excellence! 
At this time of the season we start to wind down a little in the period we call the Taper.  We start to fine tune the workouts with a little more speed as we decrease the distance or quantity of intervals.  The goal is to Peak at the final race at Central Park!  If we do this right, everyone will feel fresh and ready to crush it at that final race so you can give it your all and see major PR's from the first race we ran at Central Park.
Right now is the time you need to stay focused, stay healthy, and get to the end in the best shape of the season.
  1. Stay away from snotty nosed friends at school, or siblings at home
  2. Take some extra nutrition: vitamin c, Echinacea
  3. Get a lot of good rest
  4. Hold off on activities that are high in injury: skateboarding, basketball, skydiving...
  5. Junior High kids, take the next couple weeks and run just as fast as you need to get your grade in PE.  If you end up having to run more at school than please let me know at practice.
This is what we train all summer for so don't ruin all the hard work for a brief moment of glory at school.  You won't want to experience the disappointment, believe me.
This week we race at another new course, Hansen Dam.  I don't have a lot of details on it yet but hope to later in the week.
Come out to practice ready to compete, ready to fine tune, ready to kill it!!!  Let's have some fun!!

See you out there,
Coach Jeremy
Awards Banquet /lost and Found 
  • Please save the date Nov. 10th for our Awards Banquet!!
  • Lost and Found Please check the by the jelly bean box for bottles and jackets!
Practice Schedule
Monday Oct 17 - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 
Near the Basketball courts.

Tuesday Oct 18 - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 

Near the Basketball courts.
Thursday Oct 20 - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 
Near the Basketball courts.
Saturday Oct 22 - Hansen Dam - 8:00 am
We are still excepting donation!! 
I've added a Donation Button on the front page of the website and to this newsletter on the left side. If you have people who want to donate from out of state and they want to use a credit card, have them click the donate button. *(Forward a copy of this newsletter to them or have them visit the website). Please be sure to tell them to forward to you a copy of their receipt. so we can be sure to match it to your child. 
Even though deadline has passed!
You can still donate but prizes will not be available. This fundraiser helps us to have a great end of the season banquet! 
Scholastic Awards  
We like to award our athletes  for keeping their grades up while running Each season we give an academic medal to athletes in school that maintain a 3.5 (B+)  or 4.0 (all A's) average in their classes. Please down load the form and have your teachers fill it out or attach a report card ( progress report) all forms must be turned in by Oct 18th to receive the medal!!!


Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club