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October 24, 2016
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Dear Storm Family,

This is the final week of practice before the final meet. We have a lot going on this week, so let's get right into it. Please read the email carefully

We have a very busy week this week, I'd say right now to expect more emails as this week goes on. 

Special practice this Thursday.  We will be giving the kids glo - sticks for practice this Thursday. We will give a few but you are encouraged to bring all you want to help them glow in the dark for their last practice. This should be lots of fun and celebrate the last regular practice!!
There is an events coming up in the future that you can still attend, The next is the City of Santa Clarita will have an XC meet on Dec 3 at Central Park. I will put a copy of on our website. 
The final meet this weekend is at Central Park, we will need some help setting up the coarse in the morning at 6:30 am If you can help please let Elaine or Jeremy know this week at practice. 
Concession Stand, we will need some parents to work the concession stand, Please try to work shifts in there while your kids are not running. and please try to stay late. all families will be asked to bring an item for the stand. 
This meet is the final meet and there will be team awards for all races,  The top 8 in every age group will be called up on the podium after each race.  The top 3 teams will also be called up on the podium. Every kid will get a medal as they finish. Please plan to stay a little longer as we would like all of the kids to be recognized if they get a team award. 
Volunteers. As I mentioned this race is at our home course, we will need help with the set up and tear down. 
Awards Banquet is on Thursday November 10th at the sports complex (Near basketball court & aquatics center & Skate park) It's in the main building right across for the basketball courts at the sports complex.  
Practice Schedule
Monday Oct 24 - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 
Near the Basketball courts.

Tuesday Oct 25 - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 
Near the Basketball courts.

Thursday Oct 27 - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 
Special Glo-team practice. You can purchase extra Glo sticks and jewelry at the dollar store or party city!!   

Saturday Oct 29 - Final Meet @ Central Park - 8:00 am
Setup at 6:30
Concession Stand 
This weeks meet is at Santa Clarita Central Park, and we will be running the concession stand. We will need each family to bring one the following items for the Concessions stand All items should be packaged for individual sell:

Youths: Soda, Water, Juice or Gatorade
Midgets: Fresh Fruit, Bagels & Cream Cheese, Doughnuts.
Bantams: Candy, Nuts, Chips (Single Serving Size).
Gremlins: Cookies, Brownies, any pastries. Home baked is ok!!
Coaches Gift
We have the best Coaches of any team!! We would like to take them all out for a nice dinner to thank them. We will be collecting money for this this week and at the Banquet!! 
Awards Banquet  
All members of the Santa Clarita Track Club Cross Country Team are invited to our awards dinner banquet.  We will provide the food for the main course, Please provide appetizers, desert and drinks based on the following list last names rather than by age group.
Last names starting with:  
Sub and Gremlins -  Desserts for 20  
Bantams - can, box, or bottles of juice water or soda 
please bring cases for 24 or more we have a lot of families 
Youth / Midgets  - Appetizers for 20
There will be a donation box at the party for you to contribute money towards to coaches' gifts. 
The Banquet will be held on Thursday Nov 10, 2016 6:00 - 8:30 PM at:
Santa Clarita Sports Complex 
20800 Centre Pointe Parkway
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Volunteers Needed 
We need your help to get this weekend's meet done. 
Here's a list of things we need help at: 

Set up Crew -5
Concession Stand-5 all morning 
Finish Line -5 all morning 
Tear Down-10
Clean Up 10  
Post Season 
Post season competition is our conference wide team called Valley United Striders - We take the top 16-20 athletes and form teams to represent us on a national level of competition. There are 2 qualifier meets to make it to the Junior Olympics Cross Country National Championship meet in Hover Alabama on December 10th. 

Upon completion of the meet, I will be updating the rankings of the season. The top 8 - 16 athletes will be invited to participate as the "A"  or "B" team for post season competition, this is a top of the conference team, that will represent the Valley Conference as Valley United Striders, we will be filling both "A" & "B" teams. In order to be eligible for "A" team athletes must commit to travel to the national meet to be held in December 10th, in Hoover Alabama, and both qualifier races. The qualifying races are mandatory also. " B" team members only have to attend the The Association meet which will be held in San Bernadino Nov. 13th and The Regional meet will be held in Escondido Nov. 20th.  
How the rankings work. the athletes are ranked on their performance by averaging their finish place over the season. If an athlete has ran all races their worse finish place will be removed, and their average will be based on the best of 6 races. (there were 7 total). In some cases for the last 2 positron the conference will vote if the athletes are very close. 
If your child is ranked in the top 25, Please let Elaine know if you are interested in post season competition. 
It is very possible for our "A" & "B" teams to be advanced to the national competition. We are a very strong team. 
There is a fee to join the team, and all athletes must purchase a uniform. (unless they already have one). 


Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club