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March 22, 2016
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Dear Storm Family,

I would like to thank everyone who helped out with the meet, results are posted, the records page has been updated, we are on our way to a very successful season! 

The kids looked great, strong and from where I was sitting they all looked like they had a great day. 

Check out all the sections below, many have changed. 

This week due to Open House at Saugus High School, there will be no practice on Thursday, it will resume next week as normal. Please check the calendar tab on our website to get a view of up coming weeks. I try to keep it current as best I can. 

I want to thank everyone who volunteered at the meet, it is the best seat in the house in most cases, you get to see everything right from the field. Our staging in center field, so staggers will have a much better view of their kids. Our field events are located around the track and High jump near the goal post. 

Please try to listen to the event calls to make sure your athlete get checked into their events. 

I'll see you Saturday! 
Practice Schedule
Sprints & Field Events
Monday - Saugus HS 6:00 - 7:45
Wednesday - 
Saugus HS - 6:00 - 7:45 
Thursday -
Gremlins get released by 7:20 pm. 
Distance Kids 
Monday -
Saugus HS - 6:00 - 7:30
Tuesday - Valencia  HS 6:00 - 7:30 Intervals
Thursday - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Our Second Track Meet
Setup starts at 7:00 am at the Track. We need lots of help with the setup, we meet at the Track. 

We will need a few people to setup our staging area in the center of the field, that requires setting up benches for the kids to sit on during staging. a few pop up tents. We need parents to put the hurdles out for the start of the 80 meter Midget races.
Click here to sign up to volunteer, we need to know that we have filled the spots! 

Athletes  will be signing up with their coaches for the events they would like to do, Depending on the age of the athlete there are limits in how many events they can do each week. Sub-Gremlins & Gremlins are limited to a maximum of 3 events, everyone else is limited to 4 events maximum, but 1 event has to be a relay for Bantam through Youth, Intermediates 4th event can be an individual event (ie not limited to a relay), If you have any questions about the number of events please ask your coach. The conference has a very strict policy about over eventing, the athlete will be Disqualified in all events of the day if they compete in too many events at a meet.  
Website Navigation
We have posted a meet schedule on our website, it has links to all of the locations of the meets, it's located in the track tab the first menu option I'm working on fixing the color of that, when you hover over the tabs with your mouse they turn purple which is hard to read the text. (I know there's a setting somewhere to fix that and I'll working to make it better). 

There are about 4 links under the Track tab, 1 of them is the record page, that used to be in our sidebar on the old website, but its a full page now. The Record page you will want to look at often, so you might want to bookmark it on just get used to finding it. On that page we have the top 10 athletes of the year listed (currently it is showing the athletes through the finish of the 2015 season, it will be updated after the end of this season). Just below that is what you will like, it will list information in various ways. You can see all of your kids marks, or just their best marks, and you can see the events and how our athletes compare to each other in the event. Our club records are on that page and they get updated each week if the kids break a record. (You may have seen the presentation at practice where the kids are recognized for breaking a club record at the meet). 

Our website is loaded full of information on our athletes, we will maintain as long as we can this information and permanently display it. We have every athlete's information who has competed for our club from it's first meet. We are quite proud of the fact that your kids long after they have grown up, can come back and look at their results of when they were a child.

Take the time to learn how to get round our website, you will find it very enjoyable. And it gives you bragging rights at work and with your friends! That's your kid's info on there! 

You can also find the results of the other VYC teams by going to and click on the 2016 schedule on the top left side of the page. 
Lost and Found
Parents, we have a lot of lost and found items that gets hung on the fence at practice. Please check it this week and every week. We have no place to store it. All items will be donated on Thursdays. 
Please check your child's Storm jacket as many have their name on it and the wrong one has been picked up. Also some athletes have lost their spike shoes at practice so please check to see if you have the right items.
Loaner Spike Shoes
We have a bin that has spike shoes in it, and we allow the kids to borrow any pair of spikes that fits them to use for the season. If your child has out grown last years spikes and you would like to donate them to the bin, please bring them and give them to Mark Cruz. Children needing spikes can check the bin for any pair that fits them.

We have 3/16" needle spikes for sale for $3.00 a set, (14 spikes). Please see Coach Elaine Bingham

Gremlins are not allowed to wear shoes that can accept spikes even if the spikes are removed. 
Volunteer Opportunities
Attention all Storm Families:

Thank you to all that volunteered last week, as we truly appreciate your time and support! 

This week we are excited to be back on our home turf. Now is the time for some new volunteers to step up and get your committed volunteer hours logged. We have over 350 athletes in our program, we need every families participation and should have no empty time slots like we did last week!!! 

Relay Expectations
Many parents are asking how relays are determined, here is a brief description on how this is done. There were some very disappointed athletes at the meet because those who did not stay, or arrive on time for their team! Those who were there will defiantly be on a team this week.  

It is very important to the team that if your athlete signs up for a relay that they are at the meet and checked in before 8:30 am so the coaches can assemble the teams. If your child is signed up for a relay and does not show up or is late, it will effect every other relay runner, and disappoint those who can not compete.

This is the only event that we are strict on signing up for. Please don't sign up for the relay if your athlete can not compete in the event.

Criteria for relay team assignment.
1) coaches discretion 
2) attending practice
3) able to hand off smoothly
4) Time in the 100 metes at a meet

All of this is considered when coaches put together their teams (A-Team, B-Team, C-Team, etc...).

If you have any questions about this please speak with your age group coach or Coach Elaine
Communication Boxes
The communication boxes  are a filling system for each athlete to get their ribbons or team info. They will be at the track on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Your athlete's meet ribbons will be in them and any items that we have to distribute to you. 
Parents it is best for you to help your child as we do not want them to get out out of order.  
Each day we will need parents to stop by and get them during or after practice 
We we need a few parents to help put them in the boxes at the beginning of practice on some nights
This will be our first week of ribbons so please come a little early to help if you can!! 

Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club