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 August 14, 2017
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Great first week!! Please continue to read all parts of the newsletter to keep up with the team!!
Please click our "Shop Stormwear" link on our website to visit our online store. We have added an online store to our website with examples of our spirit wear and merchandise, please be sure to click the "Shop Stormwear" link on our website to check out the merchandise. We do not ship items to you, you can pick them up at practice.
A Note from Coach Jeremy
Hello Team Storm,
Congratulations on making it through week 1!!  We finished the first week off with a fun trip to the beach.  Absolutely perfect weather of about 68 and cloudy during our run that immediately changed to full blue skies during the stretching and relay core.  We missed those who couldn't make it but for us who made it, I hope the time was memorable for you and your family.
The first week was literally about surviving.  Between running, the heat and starting school for most, our lives got pretty much turned on end last week.  A word to Parents/parent coaches, both, new and returning:  I was so impressed with the level of support last week.  I'm encouraging group coaches this week to have you all help during stretching and drills.  After a couple practices, you'll have the routine down so please jump in and interact with all the kids.  I realize we meet good friends here as well and running is a social sport for sure.  So do your best to mix that aspect with helping out the coaches at the same time.  It's definitely hard for 1-3 coaches to manage watching all of the kids to ensure proper form and focus is applied.  I told you, it's one step at a time for me: first I encourage you to run with the kids, now I'm pushing to make you coaches!!  Ha, sneaky, sneaky...  Remember if you ever have any questions, feel free to come to me and if I'm not there go to coach Elaine and we'll make sure you are comfortable and confident to help out.
Now that we are starting to get in a groove, let's build on that first week with 2 goals: first is to run the entire workout and second is to run a little faster than last week.  Races start in 4 weeks, the last race of the regular season is 11 weeks away, and... if you desire to run on the post season team that is 17 weeks away.  Bottom line is, we have some time to get in great shape so let's work together to be methodical and execute a great plan.
The best way you can have a great season is to stay healthy.  I'm talking about physical health related to both sickness and injury.  Stay healthy related to sickness by eating healthy food, getting rest, and being alert to snotty-nosed kids at school.  Stay away from those kids, even if they're your friends.  A couple days away from a good friend is better than a day, week or more off running.  Nutrition is an interesting concept.  Eating food of any kind will provide nutrition to keep you alive.  If you are trying to be a finely tuned Ferrari, you can't put McDonald's in your system and expect to perform.  You also need more octane boost to perform at your maximum.  Bottom line, you need good food and more of it.  I have trusted in 1 company for over 20 years to provide that nutrition: Shaklee.  They were the first in nutritional supplements over 50 years ago, they are the leader in completely natural products, and continue to write the book for what quality means for the FDA.  If you want to research for yourself, check out this site and stack up the competition:   I've put together the recommended products for athletes with some instruction on how to use them.  From Olympic Gold medalists, to professional athletes, to most of the top athletes I've coached, there is a quality in Shaklee you won't find anywhere that keeps these athletes coming back for more.  Alright, let's get to the next part of staying healthy.
Keeping healthy from injury is just as critical, as an injury can sideline you for weeks or more and put your entire season in jeopardy.  First thing you can do is stretch those calves and achilles.  As we continue to increase speed and distance, your calves will be the first muscle that has potential for strain or tightness.  Do yourself a favor and get in a routine of stretching against the wall in your house 2-4 times a day starting when you wake up and ending when you go to bed. 
Here's what to do: think of our calf stretches during practice where both hands are on the ground and you have 1 back foot flat on the ground.  This stretches from your heal up to your hamstring.  Take this same stretch and instead of being on the ground, lean against the wall.  Hold this for 20 seconds on each leg.  Then move the leg you are stretching closer to the wall and bend your knee so you sort of squat a little.  You will now feel the stretch in your lower calf and achilles.  Hold this one for 20 seconds also.  Alternate left right on both stretches and do that set 2 times.  Easy as that and you are going to keep healthy in your calves. 
Let's get to this week and what you can expect:
  1. It's supposed to be a little cooler this week.  Any break will help so we'll take advantage of it for sure.
  2. We will be working on a little faster effort
  3. We are increasing the time to run
  4. We are implementing some additional drills for older kids and strides for all athletes
Make sure athletes, you gear up for the work it will take this week.  It'll be fun, and it'll be tough.  Nothing good ever came from taking it easy though.  So remember with hard work comes big rewards. 
Parents, help us keep your athletes in the rails.  Remind them to stretch at home, bring water/electrolyte to practice, and have a great attitude!!
Let's get to week 2!!!
Coach Jeremy
Registration Paper work!
We will be closing registration next week. Please be sure to bring in all paper work and birth certificates asap! If you have been running with the team and have not turned all items in, you must do it to remain on the team! If you have friends interested in joining let them Know!
Our website will almost always have the most current information as it stands now. So please continue to monitor it often!
Practice Schedule
Monday - August 14 @ 6:00 pm - West Creek Park   
Tuesday - August 15 @ 6:00 pm - Central Park near the basketball courts (Note after the first 2 weeks we will switch sites with Thursdays College of the Canyons on Tuesdays)
Thursday - August 17 @ 5:30 pm first 2 weeks then 6:00 pm - College of the Canyons (Note after the first 2 weeks we will switch sites with Tuesday's Central Park at 6:00 pm on Thursdays)
Saturday - August 19 @ 8:00 am Central Park near the basketball courts 
Merchandise and Uniforms 
Merchandise pick up this week is   Monday and  Tuesday and Saturday  We will have Warm-Up Sizes at practice  so you can order the correct size, These are special order items and it will take  a couple of weeks for them to be delivered. Last day to order warm up items is Aug 16th.
We will have a special sell on select t-shirts at practice this week! Some shirts will be sold for $5.00 stop by and check it out! Cash or checks only for sell items!!
Storm merchandise is available to order now. You can click on the Storm Store [Click here] link on the website to order. 
  We are also in need of a few volunteers to help Jenny with the merchandise at practice, let us know if you can help.
Uniforms will be available for pick up and purchase at Monday, Tuesday and Saturday at practice,  If you have not picked it up, or purchased a uniform yet please do it this week cash or check only for uniforms and registration.  
Cross Country Sign Ups Closing next week!
We are still accepting Sign Ups for the 2017 Cross Country Season. Please get your applications in asap!!
The cost is $150.00 per athlete for the first 2 athletes per family and $90.00 for each athlete after that. Uniform not included, purchase only if needed. 
There is a price list in the packet on page 2.
Our calendar is still in the process of being updated, so it will be posted soon.
(Athletes that have competed in the 2016 cross country or 2017 Track seasons we do not need conference paperwork, we move it forward, so click the returning athlete packet.)
Cross Country Information
Practice times are 6:00 - 7:15 PM evenings, 8:00 - 9:30 AM on Saturdays
Volunteers are a must, and we would like to ask you to help out as much as you can. If your interested in coaching please contact  Jeremy Stepan via email by clicking his name. All coaches and volunteers who have direct contact with the athletes must pass a background screening check. If you are interested, there is a link for the screening in the right-hand column.
Practice parent volunteers are need to help with merchandise and Jelly Bean distribution at all practices. It only takes a few minutes!!  
Alan Bingham 
Santa Clarita Track Club