Newsletter for the Week of August 21, 2017


We are very happy with the practice and participation as we start our 3rd week. Please make note that we are at COC on Tuesdays at 6 pm now, and Central on Thursdays at 6 pm, this should stay until it gets too dark. 
The kids love the jelly bean / Jolly Ranchers after practice. We need 2 parents every day to give these out. It is very quick and you get the biggest smiles of the day! Please Volunteer for a few minutes after practice!!
Please click our " Shop Stormwear " link on our website to visit our online store. We do not ship items to you, you can pick them up at practice.
A Note From Coach Jeremy
JeremyParents and Athletes,


Here begins, Week 3Ö.

2 weeks down and a few more to go, so letís get to it.
Week 2 was a great week that challenged everyone to their core. Even coaches were suffering out there. Thursday night was the peak of it and I saw everyone really giving it their all during the workout. Iím proud of all of you.
The thing that always happens in running is, you have an accomplishment and then itís on to the next task, goal, race, workoutÖ. Always with the goal of improving. So letís improve this week!
We will again be increasing time to run [for most that is], intensity of workouts and ultimately, youíll be getting in better shape. Remember what I said at the first day of practice, it takes 3 weeks to get comfortable and feel like you are strong. We had a very nice week related to the weather but itís supposed to heat up again this week so make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating good, healthy food. We will end this week on Saturday with a time trial. Everyone will run the gremlin 2k course. 
So, what does a time trial mean? Basically, itís a chance for you to show what you got at this point. Yes, you need to run hard. Yes, treat it like a race. Yes, it will bring new feelings and emotions to the season. AndÖ yes, all of this is good. The more you can feel in practice like you will in a race, that is a good thing as it trains both your physical and emotional strength.
One reminder for the week is to keep stretching the calves and achilles at home. If you have a foam roller, then roll out as well. Before you come to practice, and after.
Iím excited to have Coach Mike and Rey leading throughout the week so thank you guys. Also, to the group coaches and all the parents helping keep the kidís safe. What a team we have!
Have a great Monday and Iíll see you soon!
Coach Jeremy
Practice Schedule
Monday - August 21 @ 6:00 pm  - West Creek Park   
Tuesday - August 22 @ 6:00 pm  - College of the Canyons Just past Baseball Diamonds
Thursday - August 24 @ 6:00  pm Central Park near the Basketball Courts. 
Saturday - August 26 @ 8:00  am Central Park near the Basketball Courts 
Registration Paper work!
We will be closing registration next week. Please be sure to bring in all paper work and birth certificates asap! If you have been running with the team and have not turned all items in, you must do it to remain on the team! If you have friends interested in joining let them Know!
Our website will almost always have the most current information as it stands now. So please continue to monitor it often!
Merchandise and Uniforms 
We will have T-Shirts out Monday only this week!! 
We will have a special sell on select t-shirts at practice this week! Some shirts will be sold for $5.00 stop by and check it out! Cash or checks only for sell items!!
Storm merchandise is available to order now. You can click on the   link on the website to order. 
Uniforms- Last week to pick up!!  They will be available for pick up and purchase at  Monday and  Tuesday  only at practice, If you have not picked up, or purchased a uniform yet please do it this week  cash or check only for uniforms and registration.
Cross Country Sign Ups Closing This Week!
We are still accepting Sign Ups for the 2017 Cross Country Season. Please get your applications in asap!!
The cost is $150.00 per athlete for the first 2 athletes per family and $90.00 for each athlete after that. Uniform not included, purchase only if needed.
There is a price list in the packet on page 2.
Our calendar is still in the process of being updated, so it will be posted soon.
(Athletes that have competed in the 2016 cross country or 2017 Track seasons we do not need conference paperwork, we move it forward, so click the returning athlete packet.)

Cross Country Information
Practice times are 6:00 - 7:15 PM evenings, 8:00 - 9:30 AM on Saturdays
Volunteers  are a must, and we would like to ask you to help out as much as you can. If your interested in coaching please contact  Jeremy Stepan  via email by clicking his name. All coaches and volunteers who have direct contact with the athletes must pass a background screening check. If you are interested, there is a link for the screening in the right-hand column.
Practice parent volunteers are need to help with merchandise and Jelly Bean distribution at all practices. It only takes a few minutes!!