Storm Cross Country Newsletter
September 18, 2017
Greetings! September 18, 2017
This races this past week were incredible, we continue to improve, and STORM the Valley Conference! This coming up race will be super fun as we host the Conference and the USATF teams. Please read below more about this race!
Most importantly we will need a lot of parents to volunteer!! Make our team will shine Please sign up to help!!
Ribbons - Starting this week on Mondays we will have ribbons for each athlete for all races. The ribbon will have their place and time for just the conference athletes so it will be a better place than the results show. We will remove the unattached runners and the outside teams. This week the only outside team was the L.A Jets, but next week we will have a lot of guest teams!
Please click our " Shop Stormwear " link on our website to visit our online store. We do not ship items to you, you can pick them up at practice.
A Letter for Coach Jeremy Stepan
Hey Storm Family!!
Itís Sunday afternoon and Iím thinking through a weekend of racing both with Storm and at the high school level. As I read through the times at OíMelvany it struck me to see so many kids take top 10 times on the all-time list. How is it that kids just keep getting faster and faster? It literally is the kids of the past who started and led the way. Before there were kids breaking 15 min in the 4k races, there were those fighting to get down to 15. The younger kids on the team were looking up to the leaders of the day and learned how to train hard. And then trained even harder to set new marks. Saturday night was one of the biggest highschool XC races of the season, Woodbridge. At Saugus, there were more than 8 former Storm stars leading the way. Others are part of other teams in the valley and are doing great as well. From Freshman to Seniors, Storm athletes continue to make their impact. 
They are doing it with lots of hard work!! So as you review the results of the top10, if you cracked the list, feel very proud and take the torch and continue to inspire the younger kids to achieve more than you are doing!! Also remember it isnít always the most talented getting on that list, sometimes athletes make it on by outmatching the talented with hard work and consistency.
Preparation is a key word Iím thinking this week. I had 2 separate parents ask me what is in my yellow backpack. I have never been asked that before so it made me think and hereís what I want to share. When I show up to race, or lead the team to race, I want to be prepared. Itís like going to battle! I want to have all the tools so if someone comes up with a tight muscle I can help, or a sore foot, or needs a kick of energyÖ So, hereís what I bring with me: a runners stick which is used to roll out muscles and get you loosened up. A lacrosse ball which is to help roll out feet or very direct massage of muscles. Muscle cream which helps to loosen up muscles and joints that are tight. Foot roller helps in addition to the lacrosse ball to provide more pointed pressure to the bottom of the foot. Beanie and gloves because you never know when you are going to get cold in southern California!! Energy chews help to give that burst of energy just before a race. (natural only and not for younger kids) A couple bottles of water because I need to stay hydrated while Iím running around cheering you guys on. Jacket for the cool mornings and when the sun goes down. Sun-screen to keep my wife happy. 😊 Carmex to keep my lips from getting burned and chapped. Normally some allergy pills, except I ran out and didnít have one for Reanna on Saturday.  A couple granola bars to keep from needing to eat too many Tamales. ☹ And thatís about it!! Thatís a great list to consider when you are on your way to any battle, or meet!
Letís review this week! The upcoming race is the invitational at Central Park. No need to review the course, but we will be training this week really hard in preparation. Monday will be our standard distance run with this reminder: it should be steady and not hard. Save the effort for Tuesday and Thursday because you are going to need it! Tuesday night at COC weíll return to Killer Hill continuous laps. The difference this time is the effort will need to be harder steady tempo. This will help to improve your physical and mental strength. Thursday will be hill repeats at Central Park and we will split into 3 groups and run on 3 different hills. Coaches will lay it out, but consider the effort to be hard!! Youíll get a little more rest and you want to work to maintain the same hard effort with the same time for each interval. This will get you geared up to run faster and harder with less effort. If you are a Friday runner, older kids only, keep it up and run 20-30 minutes. For all, stretch at home, ice at home, and keep pushing hard!!
Keep working on your race morning nutrition! Mainly the midgets and youth need to consider how you felt during your race. You might need to eat more since you have several hours from the time you wake up until you race. 
Letís have a great week of school, work, family, and RUNNING! 
Donít forget to smile and enjoy it!!
See you out there.
Coach Jeremy
Practice Schedule
Monday - September 18 @ 6:00 pm  - West Creek Park   
Tuesday - September 19 @ 6:00 pm  - College of the Canyons just past baseball diamond.
Thursday - September 21@ 6:00 pm - Central Park near the Basketball Courts. 
Saturday - September 23 @ 7:45 am - Central Park Santa Clarita
Valley United Striders Invitational
This week we will be having our USATF Invitational at our home course at Central Park. There will be some outside teams visiting. The races will start at 8:45 and will run about every 15 minutes. There will be top 8 medals given out at the finish line, and team scoring!! We will be giving out a team trophy to the top 3 teams in each division, so plan on staying after for a while after each race to let the kids receive their award!! The top 5 athletes will be counted for scoring but ALL athletes should go up to receive the award if we get one.
At this race we will all run as Valley United Storm, as this is a USATF sanctioned race. The Valley United Striders Team is our Post Season national team so you will not be able to change teams after this race for Post-Season. Please see Coach Elaine if you would like more info on this or do not want to run Valley United for post season if you qualify in the top 16!
Fund Raisers
This Month we will have 3 fundraiser opportunities for the team. We had a greatlap- a-thon, now it is time to collect the pledges and turn them in. There will be 2 Disneyland tickets for the most funds raised. All checks should be made out to SCTC and it is tax deductible! October 12th is the deadline.
Jamba Juice Card - we have cards for sell for $10.00 that will give you 6 buy one get one juices. any size!!
Californation Pizza Kitchen - On September 28th, all day Storm will receive 20% of all proceeds for any food or drinks you purchase! So go have a great lunch or dinner, flyers will be available next week!