Storm Cross Country Newsletter
September 25, 2017
Starting this week all evening practices will be help at Central Park due to loosing the daylight earlier!
Our meet this past week was incredible and we saw some of the top athletes in Southern California! Next week we we return to our regulars meets.
A special thank you to all our set up help this past week! Coach Jeremy, Lee, and Coach Calvin arrived at 6:15 am to get the course ready. Tom, and Alan set up the start line, timing and Results. Thy did a great job getting it all done. Next week we will need help at the finish line and on the course so please volunteer !
Fundraiser this week - On Thursday this week we will have our C.P.K fundraiser! You can go in anytime all day to pick up food to go or have a nice lunch or dinner after practice and we will receive 20% of all proceeds!
Ribbons - will be available for all meets. Please make sure your athlete picks them up or you can get them before or after practice at the sign in table !
Please click our " Shop Stormwear " link on our website to visit our online store. We do not ship items to you, you can pick them up at practice.
A Letter for Coach Jeremy Stepan
Hey Storm Family,
What a great week of practice and a great Invitational event. We had a lot of prs, we won some races as a team, and had a lot of great performances. Speaking of winning, isnt that a great word? By the standards of racing, there is only 1 winner.  What does that make the rest? I heard one coach on Saturday yelling at his midget girl, who was second with a quarter mile to go, that she isnt working hard enough so she is earning her L. Wow! How is it that we go so wrong to tell kids, young kids, they are earning a Loss? 
There are so many factors that play into every single race. What if you arent full-blown sick, but your body is starting to have the effects on race day? Or what if you just didnt sleep well for a couple nights and just cant get it together to race hard? What if there was some issue at home that had a negative effect on your race? What if mentally you are struggling to push through and you are losing that battle? What if you lost a race to someone you never had before? What if that loss is to a friend on the team? What if on this day the other athlete was spot on and having a great day?
All of these and many more are real experiences Id say have happened this year and every year Ive been a coach. Does that mean you are a taking an L for the race? If I accepted an L for every race in life Ive not achieved what I thought I could, Id be sitting in a ditch somewhere eating someone elses leftovers. Its easy to let failures or sub-par performances bring you down. The true champions are the ones who keep fighting.
So back to my question, What does that make the rest? Id say youre fighters! The truth is we all know when we toe the line there are only a few fighting for first place. To those few, awesome, great job! To the rest, which is a much bigger number, we fight: to PR, to encourage our teammates, to be a better teammate, to be more humble, to be a better person. All of those traits and accomplishments I can assure you will help you more in life than being 1 st. If you get the chance to be the winner, to get 1 st place, please do so with humility and grace. No one likes arrogance
One more thing, as we train and race together as Storm, remember that we are a family!! Your goal should be to beat anyone and everyone you can, including your teammates. How do you think over the years you guys have gotten so fast? Its not by letting others beat you. Its by getting beat, and then working harder the next week and beating your friend. As you go back and forth, you push each other to excellence. Next thing you know, you both have huge prs and are running faster than you ever thought possible! Your teammate however, should never be your enemy. Remember that this week as you train for battle!
One great example of this I have to share is Austin Duenas. Another guy, Tyler from the Sonics, has his number. They are good buddies though. They race every week down to the wire and this year Austin had yet to get the better in the race. With less than a quarter mile to go Austin was about 5 yards behind. He kicked like a scalded wild banshee and wouldnt you know it, he beat Tyler. By less than a second!!! He fought to the end, he beat his buddy, he congratulated his buddy, and they will race again next week to get the best of each other. 
There are no Losers on our team, you are all just fighting your own battles to get your victory each week. Dont give up, dont ever give up!!
See you Tuesday night.
Coach Jeremy
Practice Schedule
Monday  September 25 @ 6:00 pm   Central Park near the Basketball Courts.
Tuesday  September 26 @ 6:00 pm   Central Park near the Basketball Courts.
Thursday  September 28 @ 6:00 pm   Central Park near the Basketball Courts.
Saturday September 30 @ 7:45 am   Corriganville Park Simi Valley
Next weeks meet at Corriganville Park Simi Valley
Next Saturday we will be in Simi Valley, this is a really fun course and we will be back to our regular meet format. The parking is not very good so get there early for the 8:15 walk thru. Please do not block driveways as you will be ticketed or towed. There are a lot of homes and we want to respect their privacy and property.
Fund Raisers
This Month we will have 3 fundraiser opportunities for the team. We had a greatlap- a-thon, now it is time to collect the pledges and turn them in. There will be 2 Disneyland tickets for the most funds raised. All checks should be made out to SCTC and it is tax deductible! October 12th is the deadline.

Jamba Juice Card - we have cards for sell for $10.00 that will give you 6 buy one get one juices. any size!!

Californation Pizza Kitchen - On September 28th, all day Storm will receive 20% of all proceeds for any food or drinks you purchase! So go have a great lunch or dinner, flyers will be available next week!