Cross Country 2016

Cross Country Meet Results

Results for our meets are located on the Cross Country pages, click the link above to get to that page and then scroll down to the meet you are looking for.

This Week’s Practice Schedule

Monday Sept 26 – Central Park – 6:00 pm  Near Basketball courts.
Tuesday Sept 27 – Central Park  – 6:00 pm Near Basketball courts.
Thursday Sept 29 – Central Park – 6:00 pm Near Basketball courts.
Saturday Oct 1 – Cross Country Meet at Corriganville Movie Ranch – 7:30 am Look for Storm Tents and Feather Flag. 

Cross Country Lap-a-thon

This year our lap-a-thon will be on Monday September 12 at Central Park, please arrive at 5:30 to get your tag.

The Lap-a-thon is a fund raising event used to support our program and our national athletes. We will give the kids a chip, and setup our chip timing system, we will run laps at Central park while playing music for 45 minutes or so. The kids are encourages to seek donations either of 2 ways a per lap amount such as $3 or $4 dollars per lap or a flat donation of $5 or $10. All kids who raise at least $40.00 will receive a special Lap-a-thon prize. The kids will also be entered into a raffle on a 1 ticket per dollar raised and other prizes will be awarded at the end of season banquet. (more details on that as we get closer to the event).Please click here to download the Lap-a-thon form and start raising funds.

The deadline to turn in funds will be Oct 11.

This Week’s Meet at Corriganville Movie Park

This Saturday our meet will be at Corriganville in Simi Valley

Meet Schedule:

8:45 am SUB-GREMLIN & GREMLIN GIRLS – 5/6 & 7/8 (Born in 2008 or later) 2000m (1.2 miles)
9:00 am SUB-GREMLIN & GREMLIN BOYS – 5/6 & 7/8 (Born in 2008 or later) 2000m (1.2 miles)
9:15 am BANTAM GIRLS – 9/10 (Born 2006 or 2007) 3000m (1.8 miles)
9:30 am BANTAM BOYS – 9/10 (Born 2006 or 2007) 3000m (1.8 miles)
9:45 am MIDGET GIRLS – 11/12 (Born 2004 or 2005) 3000m (1.8 miles)
10:00 am MIDGET BOYS – 11/12 (Born 2004 or 2005) 3000m (1.8 miles)
10:15 YOUTH GIRLS & BOYS – 13/14 (Born 2002 or 2003) 4000m (2.4 miles)
10:15 INTERMEDIATE GIRLS & BOYS – 15/16 (Born 2000 or 2001) 4000m (2.4 miles)

In case of extreme heat some races may be combined to shorten the schedule. 

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We will be announcing our Sign ups for 2016 Track and Field in November – More information will be coming soon.

Track & Field 2017

Track and field is a spring sport, our 2017 Track & Field Season will begin in February 2017.

We are still in our planning stages for the 2017 Track & Field Season. We will send out more information via our email newsletter. Please be sure to join our Track and Field List or our Sign up information list.

Lap-a-thon Donations

Lap-a-thon donations may be made by clicking the button below.

Join the FUN…Enjoy the RUN!

Run with the Best –  Storm Track & Field
The Santa Clarita Track Club is The Premier Youth Track and Field Team.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the physical fitness, mental stamina, and team building skills of children ages 6-16, regardless of ability.

The Storm Track program is designed to introduce kids to sprint and distance running and field events by providing an experience that is fun, competitive, social, and informative about the sport. We continue to achieve excellence by developing top-notch training programs, with an emphasis on the fundamentals, competition. We retaining the most knowledgeable, dedicated and professional volunteer coaching staff.

There is a reason Storm is the Largest Team in Santa Clarita Valley and the Nation!
It is because of the dedicated staff of volunteers that ensure that every athlete is coached and no athlete is left out of achieving their potential.

More Top Santa Clarita High School athletes have ran for Storm than any other team. Storm produces athletes who truly love the sport. Each year Storm has more athletes who are awarded college scholarships than any other Youth Track and Field Program in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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