Administration .

Alan Bingham – President Santa Clarita Track Club

Alan is the founder and president of the Santa Clarita Track Club, Alan has been involved with track and field for 36 years when his children first started, now his grandchildren are on the team. He has been timing track meets back as far as he can remember. As the founder of Santa Clarita Track Club 18 years ago he wanted to start a program that was specifically for Track & Field athletes. As president of the corporation, his primary duties and responsibilities are to manage the club’s business.

Alan still oversees the timing of the Santa Clarita Track Club events, from track meets, cross country meets, or SOAR’s 5k/10K run Mardi Gras Madness.

Santa Clarita Track Club has 3 divisions, Track & Field, Cross Country, and SOAR (Students off and Running).
Santa Clarita Track Club has approximately 575 athletes that it serves every year.

Alan served in 2011 – 2013 as commissioner of the Valley Youth Conference Track & Field and is currently on the VYC Executive Board of Directors as CFO.

Alan has ran 9 marathons and 3 half marathons. When he’s not at a Storm event, he’s out on his Harley Davidson Motorcycle touring the back roads with his wife Elaine.

Alan has 5 adult children and 14 grandchildren. Alan has been married to Elaine Bingham for 46 years.

Elaine Bingham – Track & Field Head Coach

Coach Bingham is entering her twelfth year of coaching with Storm. She has been coaching youth track and field for over 36 years. She started coaching her 4 kids in another program and was instrumental in creating the Canyon Country team in 1994. She has served in the Valley Youth Conference as League President and Commissioner of Track and Field. She has also coached at the high school level at Canyon High School. Coach Bingham has attended countless coaching clinics to continue to learn and teach the sport. She is starting her second generation coaching with her grandkids & children of athletes she coached as youth.

Coach Bingham has completed 19 marathon and countless other races, she began running in 1994 a gift that was giving to her by her children’s interest in Track & Cross Country. As a child Elaine had Polio and was told she would never run. She is very thankful they were wrong.

When she is not coaching Track she spends most of her time with her family, 5 adult children, and 14 grand children. She enjoys Duke Basketball! and riding on the back of her Harley Davidson Motorcycle with her husband of 40 years Alan. They have toured most of the southwest.

Coaching Track & Field is her passion and she enjoys the success of every member on the Storm Team.

Age Group Coaches


Jacky Parada – Youth & Intermediate Head Coach

Jacky is starting her Eighth year coaching for Storm, She has just completed her USATF Level 1 coaching certification.

Her two oldest children have grown up in the Track & Field lifestyle, now her youngest love it too. She loves to volunteer for what ever sport they are in. And is ready to tackle a new season for Storm Track Club.

Jamal Thompson – Youth & Intermediate Head Coach

This will be Coach Thompson’s Ninth year coaching for Storm.  Jamal has coached at every age level during his time with Storm Track Club.  Jamal has a USATF Level 1 certified coach.

Jamal’s primary experience with athletics is as an NCAA Division 1 volleyball player for CSUN where he competed for the only team CSUN has ever placed in a national championship game.  He was lured back into athletics when his children expressed an interest in competing in Track and Field.

Currently Jamal is Managing Director at the independent wealth management firm, Domari Wealth Management.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children.

Lizanea Tsuang – Assistant Youth & Intermediate Coach

Long Distance & Track & Field during my high school Years, have ran several marathons, Coached for the Northridge Pacers during cross country for 3 years. Personal Trainer and an ultra runner for the past 2 years.

– Assistant Youth & Intermediate Coach

Victoria Ward – Assistant Youth & Intermediate Coach

Victoria is a second year coach with Storm and has a daughter in her second year with Storm. She is from Portland, Oregon and competed in basketball, tennis, and track in high school. She received her bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Science Engineering from Tuskegee University and a Masters of Business Administration from Syracuse University. Victoria is an Air Force Veteran Captain and has been a Physical Fitness Leader and Fitness Test Administrator during college ROTC and active duty. In her last duty assignment as an Officer Training Instructor/ Flight Commander she was Instructor of the Year teaching Leadership, Management, Team Building, Air Force Policy, and Warfare Studies. She has coached and mentored K-12 and college students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and NSBE Jr. and taught 9-12th students at Mount Pisgah Church. She currently serves as the African American Task Group (AATG) University Relations, Recruitment, and Retentions Chair at Northrop Grumman where she works as a Subcontract Management Team Lead Engineer. She looks forward to working with the Youth in developing Team Building Skills, Emotional Intelligence, and using Data Analytics to set goals and optimize performance.

TBA – Assistant Midget Coach


Rockey T

Raquel Tolmaire
Midget Co-Head Coach

Coached with the Hawks Track Club

Akil Davis
Assistant Midget

Coached youth soccer for 7 years, and youth Track & Field for 2 years with Storm.

Virginia Smith Thomas – Midget Assistant Coach

Virginia is coaching with us for the first year and looks forward to many new and exciting things to happen with her children.

Jack K

Jack Kpachavi – Midget Assistant Coach

Jack is looking forward to helping with the Midget coaching this year.


Lizabeth Alvarez – Midget Assistant Coach

Lisbeth is looking forward to helping with the Midget coaching this year.

Nancy Quartley

Nancy Quartey – Midget Assistant Coach

Nancy is looking forward to helping with the Midget coaching this year.

Krenil Dalire

Krenil Dalire – Midget Assistant Coach

Krenil is looking forward to helping with the Midget coaching this year.


Alicia Stella – Bantam Coach

Alicia is a forth year coach for Storm. She coached with the Bantam last year. She has 2 athletes in the program and brings patients and expertise to our team. Alicia just completed her USATF Level 1 Coaches certification and is excited to continue with the Bantam age group.

Adrienne Dennison – Bantam Assistant Coach

Adrienne is looking forward to her second year helping with the Bantams. She was a swimmer growing up and has fond memories of swimming with her YMCA team. As a mother of three runners with Storm, Adrienne is falling in love with Track & Field and she cherishes the opportunity to pass on and instill the values of always doing your best while having fun and practicing good sportsmanship, teamwork to the next generation of young athletes. Adrienne and her husband Dan have four children and they love being part of the Storm Family.


Etelvina (Tina) Romo – Bantam Assistant Coach

Tina is looking forward to coaching with the Bantams this year.

Anita Smith – Assistant Gremlin Coach

Anita has coached Track & Field for the special Olympics for the past 3 year and 2 years for AYSO Soccer.

Anita competed as a youth in Track & Field and looks forward to sharing her experience with our athletes.

Her grandson is excited to try Track & Field for his first year.

Ernesto Smith – Bantam Assistant Coach

Ernesto will be starting his forth year coaching with Storm, he has been coaching basketball and soccer and has always been involved with his children’s sports teams when ever he can.


Mike Salgado
Gremlin Co-Head Coach

This is Mike’s first year as Gremlin Co-Head coach.
He looks forward seeing his kids athletic journey. Mike has three kids in the program , ages 12, 10 and 6. Mike works in Valencia and loves volunteering in extra curricular activities in town.

Craig Moss
Gremlin Co-Head Coach

At age 18 I came to running to lose some weight, accidentally completed a marathon. Twenty-nine years later I am still running and loving every minute of it. I used to classify myself as a “marathoner” as that’s what I loved to train for and complete. After 47 marathons I have focused more on running for fun and fitness than chasing distances and time goals.

I have been a coach of the Students Run LA program that is offered to LAUSD middle and highs school students for 15 years. Our main goal was to train for the LA Marathon each March. So my main coaching experience is with older kids and longer distances. I look forward to putting on a new “coaching hat” as I assist with the sub-gremlins group.

Christopher Kert

Christopher Kert
Gremlin Assistant Coach

Christopher is looking forward to coaching with the Gremlins this year.

Gregory Cromer
Gremlin Assistant Coach

Gregory is looking forward to coaching with the Gremlins this year.

Sandra Smith – Gremlin Assistant Coach

This will be Sandra’s second year coaching for Storm Track Club. She will be assisting with the Gremlins. She is the mother of three boys in the program; a Bantam, a Gremlin, and a Gremlin.

Sandra is currently a stay-at-home mom. She often volunteers in her children’s school and is a board member of the school’s PTSA. She holds a BA degree in Sociology from California State University Northridge and served in the Army for 8 years.



Marie-Lou Garcia
Sub-Gremlin Head Co-Coach

Marie-Lou is looking forward to coaching with the Sub-Gremlins this year.

Kristian Randal

Kristin Randall
Sub-Gremlin Head Co-Coach

Kristin is looking forward to coaching with the Sub-Gremlins this year.

Stephanie Miller
Sub-Gremlin Head Co-Coach

Stephanie is looking forward to coaching with the Sub-Gremlins this year.

Mikayla Nicholls
Sub-Gremlin Head Co-Coach

Mikayla is looking forward to coaching with the Sub-Gremlins this year.

Aaryn Thompson
Sub-Gremlin Head Co-Coach

Aaryn is looking forward to coaching with the Sub-Gremlins this year.

Specialty Coaches


Rocky Turner – Hurdles

This will be Coach Turners Tenth year coaching for Storm. She has coached at the Midget and Youth Levels here at Storm. This year, she will return and focus on Relays & Coaching education.

Coach Turner has helped coach dozens of youth athletes the past three years to reach their goal and become All American Athletes at the National Junior Olympics. She is a USA Track & Field Level 2 Certified Youth Coach, and Pending USATF Level 3/IAAF Level 5 Elite Youth Coach. She brings 7 years of youth coaching experience with Santa Clarita Storm and Valley United Track Clubs at the local and national level, and over 25 years of track enthusiasm to her scientific approach to speed training. She currently is the Sprint Coach at Saugus High School.

Her coaching philosophy is simple. To be a true teacher of the sport. To teach the athletes not only the science behind speed training, but self respect, respect for their fellow athletes and their future competitors. She hopes to help them set realistic goals, teach them how to achieve them, and have a ton of fun in a sport that they too will fall in love with.

James Prestridge – Shot Put & High Jump Coach 

James competed in the decathlon at USC, he has coached numerous track camps for junior high school and high school age athletes.


Andy Fenelon – Long Jump

Andy is in his second year of coaching for Storm. He looks forward to the return of Track & Field for his children.

Rodney Hawkins – Long Jump

Rodney is returning this year and has been with Storm since 2012. He looks forward to the return of Track & Field for his children.

TBA – Blocks & Sprints Assistant Coach






Jeremy Stepan – Head Distance Coach

Responsible for the distance program, both track and cross-country. He is starting his 10th track season and has been privileged to work with 100’s of amazing athletes. Many of the top high school athletes in our valley got their start with Storm.

Whether you are aiming for a college scholarship or just to be in shape, coach Jeremy’s pride is in helping you reach your goals and potential. Through words of encouragement and killer workouts his goal is to make you a runner for life.

With a group of over 6 incredible assistant coaches, we have continued to achieve excellence in youth distance running both at the local and national USATF levels.

Outside Storm he coaches.., and enjoys training for all disciplines of triathlon, and most importantly relaxing with his amazingly supportive wife of 17 years, and 4 kids!

Jonah Soltes
Distance Assistant Coach

This is Jonah’s 2nd year coaching with storm, he was once an athlete and has returned to give back!


Irina Nikolayeva
Distance Assistant Coach

Irina looks forward to the return of Track and Field.
Irina helped with the 2021 Cross Country Season.


Jimmy Calderon

Jimmy Calderon
Distance Assistant Coach

Jimmy has been helping Storm since the 2021 Cross Country Season. Jimmy is an alumni of Storm Track & Field and is here giving back.

Theo Baljet
Distance Assistant Coach

Theo helped coach his son’s flag-football team for several years and he has coached T-ball. Theo is looking forward to Track and field.

Aaron Dalley
Distance Assistant Coach

Aaron has helped for many years he was head coach of Pop warner football for 5 years. He has also been an assistant coach for AYSO soccer, he has also helped coach for Valencia High School Track & Field during the COVID shut down.

Kevin Alverez

Kevin Orozco
Distance Assistant Coach

Kevin helped coach during the 2021 Cross Country season.

Jaime Calderon

Jaime Calderon
Distance Assistant Coach

Jaime helped coach during the 2021 Cross Country season.

Sean Finegan
Distance Assistant Coach

Sean has helped coach distance for several years.

Beth Theule
Distance Assistant Coach

Beth has been coaching since 2019 during the Cross Country season.

Stacey Halvorsen
Distance Assistant Coach

Stacey has been coaching for many years.

John Baird – Distance Coach

John started running with Storm in Cross County as a parent volunteer running with the kids, he is very excited to join the coaching staff for Track. He also likes volunteering at his children’s school. He is looking forward to watching his 3 children compete this year.