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March 11, 2023 8:00 am - 12:00 pmAmerica/Los_Angeles
Castaic High School - Track
Address: Castaic High School, 31757 Valley Creek Road Castaic, CA, 91384

Mock Meet

This weekend is the Mock Practice Meet. We use this to get a beginning time for all the athletes, but more importantly we use this to train you and our staff on how to run a meet. There are no ribbons or records for this meet, as it is still practice but the results will be posted.
Below is a schedule of our mock meet, we won’t be able to do all events, but we will try to do as many as we can between 8:00 am – 12:30 pm.
8:00 am
When Athletes arrive go to center of field and then to team tents for check in and get labels
Parent go to Stands to find out about Volunteer opportunities & training.
We will be using the sign up genius for volunteering. We will explain all the jobs and how to sign up.!
Be sure your child brings water
We will not set up a water table for this meet.
Make sure your child wears their uniform.
Field Event Schedule starting at 8:30
Field Events – Modified Event – 1 measured mark only
Order of event
Long Jump:  Sub-Gremlins/Gremlins, Midgets, Youth and Inter., Bantams
High Jump:  Bantam, Midget, Youth and Inter.
Shot Put:  Youth and Inter., Bantam, Midgets
Running event, we will start with Sub Gremlins and work our way up to youth and Inter.
8:30 am
1500 Meter Run  all age groups (some age groups will be combined).no sub-gremlin
Hurdles  Midget, Youth and Inter, With Coaches approval only
4 X 100 (400 Meter Relay)
Sub Gremlins
Youth & Inter.
400 Meter Dash
Sub Gremlins
Midgets ‘Youth &Inter.
100 Meter Dash
Sub Gremlins
Youth &Inter.
800 Meter Run 
All age groups if time allows